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Our LCD MOISTURE METER will provide an accurate, ease to use, and confident instrument addition for the control of your growing environment. Humidity it's a very important variant, depending on your operation, if you need Absolute, Specific or Relative humidity, which can cause damage if not maintained at ideal ranges. PATENT PENDING.



 Measure  the amount of water vapor in gases, most often in air, in buildings, pipelines,

or as part of industrial or agricultural processes to ensure the optimal amount of moisture is present.

Application differ from agricultural, pharmaceutical, meteorology wide range of commercial and industrial processes. 

High humidity also makes temperatures feel warmer, affecting comfort levels and straining HVAC systems. Low humidity, on the other side, will dry things out and can lead to a static electricity build up.





      • Display: LCD with green color backlight

  • Measurements range

           Wood: 6 to 60%

           Building Material: 1.5 to 33%


            32 to 122*F/ 0 to 50*C

  • Resolution:

            Wood and building material: 0.1%

            Temperature: 0.1*F/-17.7*C

  • Accuracy:

            Wood and building material: +-2%

            Temperature: +-4*F/+-15*C

  • Low Battery and Power indicators (<2.2V)
  • 8 calibration scales (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H), based on different types of wood materials.
  • Hold function to freeze the measurement.
  • Protective Cover fits on end of instrument
  • Quick Response

•Operating Environment:

               Temperature: 32*F-104*F /  0*C-40*C 

               Relative Humidity <85%RH

  • Automatic Power-off in 3 minutes without operation.
  • Operated Power: 2xLR03 AAA 1.5 batteries.
  • Working current: <32mA@3.0V

                                               1- MOISTURE METER

                                                2- NO BATTERIES INCLUDED




 Product Details:  
 Company Name:                                            Innovative Tool and Design, Inc.
Product Description:                               

LCD Moisture Meter                                                                                                            

Part Number: INNO-LCDM-MTR
UPC: 850031592384
Quality Cert.:  
Color: Blue and white
Product Dimensions:  
Packaging dimensions: 7L x 2.75W x1.7D in.  /  17.78x 6.98x4.44cm.                                
Packaging  Weight:  4.2oz.
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